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Version and Effective Date of the Privacy Policy

Effective Date: [June 25, 2020]

Welcome to Use Our Products and Services!


"FUTUREBLINK" or "We" refers to FUTUREBLINK (OPC) PVT LTD with its registered office in Shanghai PRC.

“You” refers to the users (whether registered or not) of Our Products and the purchasers of paid services.

“Our Products” include software Products and services (provided by our company and/or our branches, affiliates or partners across the globe) in connection with the software Products we provide. The software Products and applications we provide include [CamScanner - India Version].

I. Applicability and content of Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing to use Our Products and services. You may use Our Services in various ways. We hope you have a clear understanding of how we collect and use information and what kind of measures you may take to protect your privacy through our Privacy Policy. IF YOU DON’T AGREE TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY, PLEASE DON’T USE OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. IF YOU HAVE BEGUN USING OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT AND STOP THE USE. YOUR BROWSE AND USE OF OUR PRODUCTS MEANS YOU ACCEPT THAT THIS PRIVACY POLICY IS APPLICABLE TO YOU.

Our Privacy Policy offers answers to the following questions:

(1) Collection purpose and classification of personal information;

(2) Scope and means of information collection;

(3) Options we provide you with, including that of how to have access to, review and update personal information and cancel the account;

(4) Use and setting of personal information;

(5) Sharing, disclosure of and making available to public the personal information;

(6) Information security, etc.

II. Update

We have been continuously improving Our Privacy Policy, and with the extension of the scope of Our Products and services, we may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Please review our Privacy Policy regularly to know about it in its update version. If any update results in essential reduction of your rights under the Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting the reminder or announcement where it is notable at the interface of Our Products, or e-mailing you, before the date when the revised version becomes effective. YOUR CONTINUED USE OF OUR PRODUCTS FROM THAT DAY ON WILL BE UNDERSTOOD AS YOU FULLY ACCEPT THE UPDATED PRIVACY POLICY.


III. Collection purpose and classification of personal information

1. Purpose of information collection

We provide services to you by means of website, software and other applications. We collect your information only for the purpose of providing products and services to you (functions designed for each product differs from one another; you should familiarize yourselves with these differences and make your own privacy settings based on your needs and the circumstance), improving your experience of using Our Products and services, facilitating your use of Our Products and services more expediently, obtaining the information that you need in a faster and more accurate way, and conducting the commercial exploration of big data application, on condition of ensuring legal compliance and protection of privacy.

2. Classification of information

The information generated during your use of Our Products and services may be categorized into the following two types by whether the information subject is identifiable or not with the information:

(1) Identifiable personal information: mainly including the information you submit, and it may be used to directly identify, trace, discern, and determine your true identity, such as e-mail address and phone number, etc.

(2) Unidentifiable personal information: mainly including the information generated during using Our Products and services, and it may be related to you but cannot be used to directly identify, trace, discern and determine your true identity, such as the records of your use of Our products and services.

3. Considerations in design of the Products’ personal information protection

In designing the Products’ personal information protection, the following factors are taken into consideration:

a) Supply of the Products and services;

b) Security setting of the operating system on user’s terminal equipment (this usually refers to the different security settings in Android and IOS systems);

c) PRC Cybersecurity Law, EU General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable laws and regulations and mandatory standards;

d) The level of information protection in the same industry, similar products or existing technology and market;

e) Recommended standards, feedback from user’s complaints; and

f) Other measures conducive to improving products and services and improving cyber information security.

IV. Scope and means of information collection

1. Information you submit

(1) Registration information you submit and the information collected based on industry practice and demand of the Products.

At the time you register your [CamScanner - India Version] account, in order to identify the user and facilitate contact, you shall provide the real and effective information such as e-mail address of phone number, etc. You understand and agree that under necessary circumstances (e.g. cancel of account, etc.), we may identify you based on your registration information, so as to prevent any other person from using your identity to operate fraudulently which will affect your normal use of Our Products and services.

(2) Data information you upload

The information you may upload image and document during using our services can be your personal information or the personal information of others protected by laws and may related to your or other’s private information protected by law that may involve your or other’s privacy, or is granted protection under copyright law, etc. You shall guarantee that you have obtained the necessary authorization to copy and upload such data information. You will be required to make proper setting and adopt appropriate security measure so as to prevent the leakage of data and damage to right owner’s interests. Please pay great attention to protecting your own or other’s data information. You shall refrain from disclosing the data information to the public without authorization.

2. The information we obtain during your use of Our Products and services

In order to provide high-quality services to you, Our Products collect information for the purpose of performing the product service contract based on the need of Our Products collecting the information from images and documents you upload. We may record and analyze the use and the method of use of our services and any other relevant information, including hardware model and identification information, operating system version, system activities and other device information, Internet Protocol address, account sign-in or sign-out, clicks of advertisements and other log information, as well as Web Beacon or Cookies, browser version information. You may manage permission through security software and we will try our best to seek a balance between your permission and your experience, for instance that we may inform you of authorizing when you first use relevant functions, but then we will no longer inform you frequently to avoid affecting your experience. However, you may not use the products to achieve the purpose of net social if you disagree with the authorization. The purpose of collecting the information of installing applications is only for analyzing which other products would be selected for use by our clients with Our Products. The information of operating system, etc. is collected for security of the products, which can be in the form of security tip to you.

Including the information mentioned above, the information we collect and/or use include user personal information, non-user personal information, the information recorded by third party’s platform, etc.

You agree that the scope of information we collect mentioned above can be properly adjusted with development of legal and regulatory provisions, development of technology and business and user’s feedback, etc.

V. Access to, review and update of personal information

You can access, review and update (to ensure that we can timely reach you when necessary, you should process some update upon change of the information) your personal information; However, for the sake of security, you may only do so after you log in. In case of any changes to your personal information, you shall timely log in your account and update accordingly.

VI. Cancellation of personal account

You may contact us at [[email protected]] to cancel your account. We will respond to your request within a reasonable time. After cancelation of your account, we are not obliged to keep or provide information under your account. Except as otherwise provided by law, we will delete your personal information if so requested by you.

VII. Use and setting of personal information

By using Our Products and services, you consent to and grant authorization to our collection and processing your information, including the device and software user information, personal information and content information uploaded by user (mainly the image information you uploaded; regarding the uploaded content, you warrant that you have the intellectual property involved therein or have obtained the relevant license and there is no infringement of third party’s right). The information is only used for the optimization of software interface interaction. No specific information will be used or disclosed.

You understand and agree that the information you make public (because of your own choice or our default setting, e.g. the document or user name you share) may be browsed, reposted and commented by other users of our services. You may protect your critical information by deciding whether to upload certain information, and whether to turn on the specific function of Our Products. To prevent harassment due to abuse of personal information by others, we suggest you pay attention and soon familiarize yourself with the function setting of Our Products. The default setting is offered in consideration of various factors including industry customs, general need of most users and product form, etc. It is possible that what suits most users does not meet your particular need. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT, GIVEN THAT THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE INCLUDE SOCIAL NETWORKING WEB SERVICES, THE DEFAULT SETTING OF OUR PRODUCTS MAY MAKE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC IN ORDER TO IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE, AND SUCH DEFAULT SETTING MAY ENABLE ANY OTHER PERSON TO HAVE ACCESS TO OR OBTAIN YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

If we use your information under any circumstance other than that specified herein, we will obtain your prior consent.

Your personal registration information, including but not limited to accounts, username and any other information set by you as sharable, will be seen by users with whom you share documents or collaborate. The shared information is for the sole purpose of identification of the owner of the document.

Our Products will ask for the following permissions during regular operation:

1. Storage: Access to device storage in order to read and manage documents

2. Camera & Album: Using your device’s camera and photo album to take photos for the function of auto crop

3. Contacts: Accessing device contacts for the function of user inviting (if you don’t use the collaboration function, this permission will not be asked)

4. Phone: Accessing the equipment ID for bounding Premium Membership to your device or for use without sign-in.

5. Cookies: When accessing our webpage (www.CamScanner - India Version.com), we use cookies to provide you with necessary services.

It is required to grant these permissions otherwise the stated functions may not work as intended.

To improve our service quality, we also provide cloud services:

1. To process Cloud OCR, we process these requests through our cloud;

2. To process Cloud Fax, we pass the images you send us through a third party, independent fax service;

3. To process translation requests, we will send the texts recognized from your document to a third party, independent translation service.

As more functions are added to our product, extra permissions may be required. We will always ask for your approval before accessing your data.


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VIII. Big data application

Our social networking products and other services may experience business exploration on big data application along with trends of information society. Upon it is confirmed that our contemplated disposal of data resources is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations after compliance review, we may process data mining, processing and matching. We understand user’s concern of protection of personal information and privacy and fully note that the potential legal risk if it is held by authority that there is legal compliance issue and commit that all attempts in this regard will be made upon confirmation that our contemplated disposal of data resources is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations after compliance review.

IX. Sharing personal information and third-party service

Unless otherwise provided herein, we will not share your personal information with any entity other than FUTUREBLINK or affiliates, partners or solution providers without your consent, and in particular, we will not sell, lease or otherwise distribute your information. In case you find there is steal, sale or unauthorized storage of personal information, please report to us and provide as many clues as possible so that we can investigate and deal with the matter. As a portion of our services may be provided to you as a result of our cooperation with abovementioned relevant companies, you consent to our provision of your information to the foregoing relevant companies for the purpose of providing you with the corresponding services. Such relevant companies only use your information for the purpose of providing corresponding services. We guarantee the safe use of such information